Cromasol is a superior, alcohol based, solar reflective coating and when applied to a variety of roofing
substrates, provides lasting protection against UV degradation and solar heat gain. It is a ready to use product
and should not be diluted.
It is specifically manufactured for use on Mastic Asphalt but is also suitable for use on BS747 Roofing Felts,
fully cured and bituminous liquid roof coatings as used in remedial roof repair applications.
Cromasol does not attack bituminous substrates therefore will prevent softening of asphalt and associated
leaching into the drying film. The solvent-resin blend has been purposely chosen to ensure this.
The product is suitable for use on roofs susceptible to ponding, as Cromasol is capable to withstand complete
immersion in water for long periods. Once applied it is completely water resistant (unlike water based
reflective paints), even where conditions turn to rain before the film has cured.

White or Grey

5, 20 Litre


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