Acrypol+ is the original name in waterproofing with more than 30 years of recognised excellence within the industry.

Acrypol+ is a unique resin based acrylic waterproof protective coating that instantly prevents leaks. It was specifically developed to provide a solution for undertaking day to day refurbishment of failed industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs as well as general patching repairs. Brush applied as a semi liquid paste; it dries to form an ultra-tough, seamless, flexible overlay.

It is ideal for use on flat roofs, leadwork, slate, asbestos cement, all metals, bituminous surfaces, asphalt, flashings, chimney stacks, glasshouses, PVC, concrete and brick – providing excellent protection.

Acrypol+ also has the added benefit of being easy to apply, even in damp weather conditions, while still providing a long-term waterproofing solution.

For more information on Acrypol+ or any other product within the Acrypol range please visit the Acrypol website or contact your local sales representative.