Slips that result in falls are the most common cause of major injuries in public areas; costing millions of pounds in compensation claims every year. One of the biggest causes appears to be wet or poorly treated surfaces which can be particularly dangerous to the elderly.


QuartzDek from Acrypol is an advanced slip resistant floor coating that is helping to reduce the risk of falls on public and private walkways across the country. The secret behind QuartzDek is the real quartz granules which are applied over a super-tough flexible resin, all sealed and bonded together with a final layer of resin. QuartzDek can be used over concrete, cement, asphalt and even quarry ceramic tiles.

The systems high BRE rating indicates that it has extremely high slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions, it can even be applied in low temperatures. QuartzDek takes a matter of hours to dry and can be applied without any disruption to the building, meaning occupants can carry on as normal inside.

According to the Health and Safety Executive slips and trips are the cause of 40% of all reported major injuries and can also lead to other types of serious accidents such as falls from a height. Preventing slip accidents is critical because the injuries are frequent. Therefore, using a proven non-slip surface on stairs and other floors has led to QuartzDek becoming more and more popular.
For a solution that is waterproof and aesthetically pleasing QuartzDek should be used in conjunction with TechSeal, with the end result improving the integrity and look of the surface.

For more information on QuartzDek visit the Acrypol Website or speak to your local Cromar sales representative.