Roof replacements are expensive, time-consuming and can be disruptive to a business. With just a single spray applied coat of Metal-Kote, a failing metal roof can be brought back to life for just 40% of the cost of replacement – while business carries on as normal below.

Fast acting and non-intrusive, Metal-Kote is ideal for a wide range of applications including the most sterile of environments such as laboratories, medical buildings and food preparation areas.

Perfect for waterproofing and renovating all profiled metal, Metal-Kote offers a cost effective solution to building owners looking to protect and preserve the life, look and performance of their metal roof. Even tears in metal can be repaired as good as new.

Metal-Kote is applied in a single coat to combat flaking, rusting and peeling metal and plastic coated roofs. Another huge benefit with Metal-Kote is that it can be applied directly to the surface with no priming, while still giving a 100% waterproofing formula with outstanding adhesion.