It seems that we are becoming more and more hands on with DIY than ever before, with the DIY sector statistics showing a very positive picture. With the latest blogs, YouTube and Instagram videos offering advice on all sorts as well as recommending which products and where to buy this should come as no surprise.

And it is with this in mind that Cromar have added certain products into their AlphaChem product range that are DIY friendly, providing a succinct product offering in a market where it can become confusing with so many products available.



Grab adhesives are being increasingly used as a replacement for mechanical fixings such as nails and screws in both internal and external applications. Grab adhesives, whether solvent free, solvent based or hybrid provide many different benefits over the traditional methods and are ideal for fixing shelving, skirting or coving. With hybrid adhesives such as AlphaChem The Business there is the added benefit with external use of the products in all weather conditions, including wet weather. The Business is suitable for sticking and sealing almost anything to anything – a truly multi purpose product.

Superglue is also staple product in all homes – handy for sticking that broken mug handle back on, repairing your child’s favourite cracked toy or something a bit more technical like woodworking applications. When a quick set is required on plastic, rubber, wood, leather and metals a product like AlphaChem Superglue is ideal – well not just ideal, it’s essential!


Decorating Caulk

When decorating it is important to find the perfect caulk, one that doesn’t shrink back to reveal the gap you want to fill/seal. The main use of caulk tends to be around skirting, door frames, cornices so a flexible product is what you need. Professional decorating caulks, such as the AlphaChem Caulk are ideal for uses such as this, inside the house, and it is overpaintable within 1 hour or can be papered over.
It is a must have product if you are doing a spot of decorating or DIY in the house.



More and more people are turning to wipes for cleaning in the house, and in the building and DIY trade they are an indispensable accessory to have with you. Ideal for cleaning paint, uncured silicone and adhesives off your hands when you’ve been doing those jobs around the house.

They are also incredibly good for cleaning tools you have been using, such as sealant guns or that screwdriver you just used to open the paint tin. So keep a tub of AlphaChem Grafters All Trades Wipes, whether 100 or 300 wipe tub, under the sink for such occasions.



Surface damage on walls, whether imperfections or cracks, can occur at any time. The easiest way to resolve these is to use a high performance filler. The most convenient method is a ready mixed filler, alternatively a powder filler can be used which when mixed with water gives the same effect. Both options are available under the AlphaChem brand, so dependent on preference you can be assured a filler that won’t shrink, is easy to use and easy to sand.


Floor Protectors

I’m sure we have all been in the situation where you have used dust sheets when decorating and the paint has seeped through and marked your carpet. Well now there is a simple solution to avoid situations like this; self adhesive floor protectors are designed to be easy to use (just roll out) and can be left down for up to 28 days, ensuring that your floors are guarded from spills, dirt and damage.
AlphaChem Floor Defence is available in Carpet and Hard Surface grades to ensure that no matter what the floor covering in the home there is an option for you.



Anti Mould Silicone

Black mould growth in areas of high humidity such as bathrooms is a common occurrence, with condensation being the main cause. It can cause a bathroom to look older than it is, so by removing the old silicone, cleaning the area and then resealing with an Anti-Mould Silicone such as Pure Silicone you can improve the overall look. And as an added bonus, with Pure Anti Mould Silicone there is the added benefit of a 10 year guarantee.


It seems the DIY industry will only always be an area of growth and ensuring that Cromar has products in their range to meet this demand can only assist in the growth of the company.