We’ve pulled together a list of DIY household projects that will keep your mind and body busy over the next month, should you find yourself at a loose end during this third lockdown. 

Revamp your silicone seals

After a time, even the best quality silicone can become discoloured or worse, mouldy. Give your bathrooms and kitchen a bit of love by resealing your porcelain fittings and around worktops.

In areas with a high moisture level, such as your bathrooms and around your kitchen sink, we recommend using a sanitary silicone, such as our Multi-Purpose & Sanitary Silicone or Pure Anti-Mould silicone, designed to keep mould monsters at bay and leave you with a smooth, crisp finish. 

Cromar Life Hack: We’ve tried so many ways to remove excess silicone from porcelain tiles, but the best way has to be using magic eraser sponges. You need a bit of elbow grease but you’ll have silicone-free tiles in a few squeaky rubs. 

Caulk it up

With the swelling summer heat and the winter contraction chill, cracks can appear in the joins between your skirting and architrave.

Caulking is one of those beautiful finishing touches, that really gives your work a high standard you can be proud of. Use our Professional Decorator’s Caulk and finish with a caulking tool for a sharp, smooth finish. Powerful anti-fungal compounds prevent mould growth, making it a perfect choice for around older window frames, where damp can creep in. 

Cromar Hack: Cold weather can really impact the pliability of caulk. For best results in cold weather, warm your caulks and silicones in a bucket of water before using them. You’ll thank us for it. 

Shine up your UPVC 

Window cleaners might keep your glass clean, but often your window frames and uPVC doors are overlooked and left to gather spiderwebs on the outside, and sticky fingerprints/dog nose prints on the inside. 

Our PVCu Solvent Cleaner is a great way to refresh your UPVC and get rid of ingrained dirt. We recommend testing the solvent in an inconspicuous area first, like underneath your windowsills, just to be sure. Once you’re happy, pour the PVCu solvent cleaner onto a clean, colourfast cloth and wipe away any dirt. 

Cromar Hack: Follow up with a clean and dry cloth and buff the surface in small circles for a superior finish, making you the envy of your neighbours.  

Clean your windows

During the winter months, the amount of sunshine we get is drastically reduced. This reduction in vitamin D can have a negative impact on your mental health and wellbeing, as well as making your rooms feel gloomy and dingy. 

Give your windows some glittering pizazz and let that sunshine in by giving your windows a clean on the inside. Our Alphachem Glass Cleaner is a powerful formula that lifts dirt, grime and leaves an astonishing streak-free shine (here we go again with the rhyming).

Cromar Hack: AlphaChem Glass Cleaner can also be/ used on mirrors, laminates and chrome fixtures, turning your radiator from drab to rad.

Fill old cracks and crevices

No matter how flexible your plaster is, chances are that cracks will appear over time, particularly in corners and around doorframes. Our Multi-Purpose Ready Mixed Filler can be used to repair plaster, plasterboard, brick, wood and stone. 

For best results, prepare the area by brushing out loose material and dust. Hairline cracks should be slightly enlarged to ensure good filler penetration. Sand back the filler before it’s fully dry, it’ll be easier to sand and will give you a smoother finish. When it comes to filler, less is more. Try applying a thin layer at a time and sand between each layer for a smooth, seam-free finish. 

Cromar Hack: Moisten absorbent surfaces with water to ensure strong adhesion. Prevent rusting and plaster fallout by touching in nail and screw heads with oil-based paint before filling.

Send drafts packing

From core-drilled extractor holes to simple cat flaps, gaps around your wall external fittings and inlets can let in chilly drafts that bite at your ankles on even the warmest of nights. Use expanding foam around your inlets to ensure an air-tight seal, keeping your home warm and making drafts a thing of the past. 

Cromar’s Hand-Held Expanding Foam is a great choice for general construction and home improvements. Devoid of propellant gasses harmful to the environment and with its own dispenser, our PU expanding foam is mould-proof, waterproof and over paintable. 

Cromar Hack: You only ever need to half-fill holes and cracks with expanding foam – the clue is in its name. Remember, its easier to add more than to try and take some out once it’s set. We know, we’ve tried.

Protect your wood

Damp weather conditions, along with frost, can really take its toll on your wood. Protect and invigorate your wood through lockdown with our range of timber treatments.

Our Wood Treatment comes in an array of colours, easily penetrating the wood, protecting against UV rays, adding water repellency and accentuating the natural grain of the wood it’s applied to. 

Cromar Hack: Our wood treatments can be used down to 10°C, although they can be used in colder conditions, drying time will be increased.

Cromar Building Products will be fully operational throughout the January lockdown with strict Covid 19 measures in place to keep all our staff and customers safe. If you have any questions about your order or our procedures, give us a call 01977 663 133. 

We’re here to keep you building, whatever the climate.