Roofing Emulsion



 A brush applied bituminous waterproofing treatment that is suitable for weatherproofing most types of roof surface. Brown upon application, dries to black.

Cromar Roofing Emulsion provides an economical but long lasting waterproof treatment, for use under good drying conditions.

Suitable for use on: Concrete, Fibre/Cement, Roofing Felt, Mastic Asphalt, Corrugated Iron, Slates, Tiles, Lead, Copper and Zinc as a water and
moisture barrier.
Cromar Roofing Emulsion provides protection against the corrosion of pipes, structural steelwork and other metallic equipment.

Use Cromar Roofing Emulsion to provide a vapour barrier for cold storage rooms, mushroom houses and similar installations.

It is water-based and therefore provides an economical but long lasting waterproofing treatment for use under good drying weather
conditions, do not use in the rain.



5.0 | 25.0



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