Block and Paving Seal



Block & Paving Sealer is an effective protection of block pavers and masonry.

Block & Paving Sealer provides a durable penetrative sealer to a wide variety of materials including concrete,
screeds, brickwork, masonry and fibrous sheet materials. The use of Block & Paving Sealer helps provide
protection to both new and existing concrete and masonry against water and air borne pollutants.

1. Can be applied to green concrete (after 4 – 6 weeks)
2. Non-yellowing
3. Dual Sealer and Curing Action
4. High Penetration
5. Suitable to receive subsequent treatments
6. Can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces
7. Vapour permeable allowing the substrate to breath
8. Provides increased protection to atmospheric gases including carbon dioxide.

1, 2.5, 5, 25 Litre


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