3 in 1 Admixture

3 in 1 Admixture is a triple action admixture that waterproofs, plasticises and retards to assist workability and reduce water penetration. Allows larger areas to be covered in one application.

Description & Uses
• 3 in 1 Admixture from Alpha Chem is an air-entraining chloride-free liquid admixture for waterproofing, plasticising and retarding of render mixes. Conforms to BS4887 air-entraining
• AlphaChem 3 in 1 Admixture has the benefits of being an air-entrainer and retarder, allowing for large areas to be covered in one single application hence improving workability, trowel-ability and significantly reducing water penetration. The improved durability reduces efflorescence and shrinkage.

• Ensure all surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, loose materials, grease or other
• Work must be carried out in accordance with code of practice BS5262(1991) or external renders.
• Add to mix at an addition rate of 500 – 1000ml per 50kg of cement, dependant on the degrees of plasticising / retardation required.
• Alternatively add to mixing drum of 1 part 3 in 1 Admixture to 20/40 parts water. Please remember to reduce the required water amount up to 20%

• Store in cool, dry conditions between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from frost.

Shelf Life
• 24 months when stored in original, unopened packaging.

• Ensure not to over mix.
• Is not a replacement for DPC.
• It is the user’s responsibility to ensure suitability for use. Safety Data available on request.
• Read the label carefully for essential health and safety information prior to use.

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Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
 Alpha Chem 3 in 1 Alpha Chem 3 in 1 Admixture
Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode
1ltr MAC3/101 12 5036684004558
5ltr MAC3/501 4 5036684111188
25ltr MAC3/601 1 5036684007238
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