Cromapol is a fibre reinforced liquid acrylic resin dispersed in solvent designed to prevent the ingress of water.

Due to the high level of fibres in Cromapol the coating will bridge small gaps and require only a one coat application to give instant waterproofing. Cromapol is available in Grey, White, Black and Clear.

Excellent Adhesion – Instant Protection No Wash-off – Excellent Solar Reflectivity (White & Grey) – Reinforced Membrane – One Coat Application – Seamless – Fully Flexible – Economical

Waterproofing Protection of
Flat and Pitched Roofs, Roof Lights, Flashings, Fibre Cement Sheeting, Gutters, Slate, Asphalt, Lead, Metal and Roofing Felt (Primed).

Due to the nature of the product the brush used for application cannot be cleaned and should be discarded after use.


Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
 Cromapol  Cromapol
Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode
Grey 1kg APOL/1F 12 5036684011877
Grey 2.5kg APOL/2.5F 6 5036684001656
Grey 5kg APOL/5 4 5036684001878
Grey 20kg APOL/20 1 (24 Per pallet) 5036684004497
 Black 1kg APOLB/1F 12 5036684005319
 Black 2.5kg APOLB/2.5 6 5036684005289
 Black 5kg APOLB/5F 4 5036684xxxxx
 Black 20kg APOLB/25 1 (24 Per Pallet) 5036684005302
 White 1kg APOLW/1 12 5036684008594
 White 2.5kg APOLW/2.5 6 5036684008600
 White 5kg APOLW/5F 4 5036684008624
 White 20kg APOLW/25 1 (24 Per pallet) 5036684xxxxx
Opaque 1kg APOLTR/1 12 5036684008549
Opaque 2.5kg APOLTR/2.5 6 5036684008556
Opaque 5kg APOLTR/5 4 5036684008570
Opaque 20kg APOLTR/20 1 (24 Per pallet) 5036684008563
White Primer 20kg APOLWP/20 1 (24 Per pallet) 5036684008631
Grey Primer 20kg APOLGP/20 1 (24 Per pallet) 5036684008501