Shed & Fence Treat

Shed & Fence Treat is a brush or spray applied water based decorative timber treatment that brings to life the colour of new or previously treated timber. It is ideal for use on sheds, fences, timber posts and gates.

A high quality treatment that is harmless to animals and plants.



Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
FENCE TREAT Colours AlphaChem Shed and Fencetreat Colours
FENCE TREAT Grey AlphaChem Shed and Fencetreat Grey
Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode
Dark Brown 5ltr LFTD/501 4 5036684007146
Dark Brown 25ltr LFTD/601 1 5036684007153
Light Brown 5ltr LFTL/501 4 5036684007184
Light Brown 25ltr LFTL/601 1 5036684007191
Green 5ltr LFTG/501 4 5036684007160
Green 25ltr LFTG/601 1 5036684007177
Red Cedar 5ltr LFTR/501 4 5036684007207
Red Cedar 25ltr LFTR/601 1 5036684007214
Grey 5ltr LFTGR/601 4 5036684023085
Grey 25ltr LFTGR/601 1 5036684023108
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