Tech Seal

Tech Seal PU is a single component, high performing liquid polyurethane membrane that cures to form a tough and seamless membrane which offers a strong and durable waterproof coating.

Tech Seal PU is recommended for use on flat roof overlay systems and can be used on traditional built-up roofing in both new construction and refurbishment projects. Its cold-applied seamless finish makes it ideal for roofs, green roofs, balconies, terraces, podium decks and gutters and as a detailing product for other roofing systems, including asphalt, bituminous felt, concrete, single ply, and metal surfaces

  • Fast Curing. Rain Proof after 2 hours, Cured after 4 hours
  • Single Component / No Mixing
  • Light grey Base Coat / Dark Grey Top Coat
  • No primer for old Bitumen or Asphalt roofs
  • 2 Coat System – Fully Reinforced
  • Easy Application
  • Application by Roller or Brush or Airless Spray
  • BBA certified 18/5537

How to Apply

1. Clean substrate of any loose materials, dirt, grease etc and dry the surface.
2. Do not apply any Primer or Base Coat to a wet surface
3. Tape and fill in any joints/cracks with PU Sealant.
4. Where a primer is required – apply as per the instructions, and allow the primer to dry.
5. Apply the Base Coat of 1 kg per sq m to all upstands and roof outlets/details, While the Base Coat is wet, roll in the FG Mesh and make sure the reinforcement is saturated.
6. Apply the Base Coat of 1 kg per sq m to all the flat areas and again roll in the FG Mesh Reinforcement and make sure this reinforcement is saturated, Allow to dry (4- 5 hours depending on the temperature and humidity )7. After the Base Coat is dry inspect the Base Coat to see if any FG Mesh is sticking up/Wicking – and if so sand/abrade the fibres to achieve a flat finish.
8. Apply the final dark grey Top Coat of 1 kg per sq m over all the upstands/Roof-Outlets/details and then over all the flatroof area.



Technical and Safety Data

Product Information

Prod. Code Colour Size Plt. Qty
ACRY/TSDG5 Dark Grey 5 kg 72
ACRY/TSDG10 Dark Grey 10 kg 36
ACRY/TSDG25 Dark Grey 25 kg 20
ACRY/TSLG5 Light Grey 5 kg 72
ACRY/TSL10 Light Grey 10 kg 36
ACRY/TSLG25 Light Grey 25 kg 20

Tech Seal Ancillaries


Prod. Code Description/Colour Size
ACRY/TSPP4 TS Porosity Primer 4 kg
ACRY/TSPP20 TS Porosity Primer 20 kg
ACRY/TSPUP4 TS PU Primer  4 kg
ACRY/TSPUP20 TS PU Primer 20 kg
ACRY/MASTIC TS Mastic 3040 Grey 600 ml Foil
GMATTECH/225/6.25 TS FG Matting 6.75 kg
GMATTECH/225/11.25 TS FG Matting 11.25 kg
GMATTECH/225/16.5 TS FG Matting 16.5 kg
GMATTECH/225/33 TS FG Matting 33 kg
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