Leadax Flashing | Lead Alternative

Leadax Flashing

LEADAX is the first lead substitute in the world that looks like lead, dresses like lead & is as malleable & pliable as lead. Leadax has the same unique properties as Lead & Zinc, without having to compromise on quality, flexibility or price. Leadax is applied in exactly the same way as Lead & is equivalent to code 5.

Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead. Leadax is not harmful to health or the environment. A new generation of lead alternative which is lighter than lead and produced from recycled materials.

Leadax is used and processed in exactly the same way as lead — without compromise.

Leadax Material

Aluminium expanded metal on both sides with a layer of modified polyvinyl butyral, with a removable protective film on either side of the product. Leadax is patented. Manufactured from waste material, destined for landfill.

Leadax Colours and Sizes

Roll lengths of 6 metres (3.85 kg per square metre and thus 75% lighter than 18 pounds or code 4 lead). Comes in lead grey as standard. Available in black, roof tile red and other colours on request.

  • Quick and easy
  • 6m roll lengths
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • No scrap value
  • BBA Certified
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • -15°C to +100°C
  • Durable
  • Circular material

Leadax Applications

  1. Leadax can be used as a water barrier in (cavity) walls and under casings
  2. At the intersection between chimney bases and roof tiles
  3. At chimney flashings to provide a water barrier
  4. Leadax can be applied to the base of dormers and skylights as a waterproofing layer at the joint between dormer side walls and tiled roofs
  5. As a watertight connection between an outside wall and an extension. Use Leadax masonry clips to attach Leadax to masonry joints.
  6. Leadax can be used as valley gutters and waterproofing on the ridges of (tiled) roofs.

Leadax Church Restoration

I would like to thank all at Leadax for a great product that has replaced the Lead that was stolen from our church roof recently. The product looks so similar to lead that you hardly notice the difference until you are up close. Once up close, you can see and feel the quality of the product.

Another great upside of using Leadax is that the product is much more sustainable than lead and also uses recycled materials to produce it, which is great knowing that we are playing our part in reducing our impact on the planet. We used a local company that specialises in using the Leadax products are pleased with the finished product. Once again thank you, Leadax, for a great product!

Nigel Beacham , St Michaels and All Angels Church

Leadax Tools & Accessories

Leadax Product and Size Product Code Barcode
150mm / 6 inch – ROLL KLD/150 8719558741618
200mm / 8 inch – ROLL KLD/200 8719558741625
250mm / 10 inch – ROLL KLD/250 8719558741687
300mm / 12 inch – ROLL KLD/300 8719558741700
400mm / 16 inch – ROLL KLD/400 8719558741649
450mm / 18 inch – ROLL KLD/450 8719558741694
600mm / 24 inch – ROLL KLD/600 8719558741663
1000mm – ROLL KLD/1000 8719558741601
Leadax Fixing Sealant M/LEADAX 8719558740109
Leadax Roller KLAD/ROLLER 8719558740321
Leadax Penny Roller KLAD/PENNYROLL
Leadax Scissors KLAD/SCISSORS 8719558740307

RIBA approved Leadax CPD

This online CPD presentation will develop your understanding of sustainable and circular lead replacements. It will discuss the reasons for developing a sustainable and circular lead replacement, the importance of the circular economy and using waste materials to prevent future waste, the applications and benefits of sustainable lead replacements, issue of lead theft, and how lead replacements can be used to combat this rising crime. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

  • How sustainable lead replacements benefit the environment, by utilising existing waste materials and creating a wider impact
  • How circular lead replacements and manufacturing processes can reduce the consumption of raw materials and material waste
  • How, why and when to use sustainable lead replacements
  • How to ensure that a high-performance sustainable lead replacement is used and what to look for and ask when specifying
  • How to reduce lead theft, particularly from churches by using lead replacements
  • Case studies which demonstrate the use of sustainable lead replacements in churches and listed buildings

Leadax Application Videos

Leadax – Malleable

Leadax – Fastening

Leadax – Cut

Leadax – Overlap