Instead of Lead is a lead replacement in the Cromar family. A second generation lead replacement that’s very light to use. Instead of Lead can easily be applied by hand. Instead of Lead is extremely thin, yet extremely strong.

Instead of Lead is available in long strips. Unlike traditional lead you don’t have to create an overlap every metre, saving you time and materials.

• Instead of Lead is five meters long and can be applied in one length without overlap. high wind resistance. Instead of Lead can be ideally processed at an ambient temperature of 5 °C upwards.
• Always make sure the surface is dry and free of dust and grease before applyingInstead of Lead.
• Instead of Lead can be fixed in the joint with fixing clips. However, we recommend using Leadax Original for applications that require fixing clips.
• After processing, remove the protective foil.
• Instead of Lead can be used in combination with all kinds of roofing material (EPDM, bitumen, plastics and metals).
• The product is designed to dismantle, which means that it can be recycled at the end of its
lifecycle. The materials can be reclaimed and used for new products.


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