VENT3® AIR has the ability to allow air to pass through while blocking the passage of water. It is specially designed to have a high degree of air permeability while remaining water resistant. VENT3® AIR has integral hydrophobic properties that prevents water from entering the roof structure. This helps prevent condensation within the roof structure, which can lead to rot, mold, and reduced insulation efficiency.

Over the past 18 months we at Cromar have been working tirelessly to develop a breather membrane that is not only affordable to a diverse market but also technically superior with its performance with being both vapour permeable and air open.

When the NHBC issued the revision to Part L Section 7: Air permeability and pressure testing, this meant a change for both membrane manufacturers as well as the contractors on site. The introduction of a minimum level of air permeability within a dwelling which is outlined in section brought a need for better performing breather membranes within the roof space particularly. The build-up of interstitial condensation can (more commonly in the winter months, or during the drying out period of a build) be a problem to contractors and home owners and evidently have an effect on the build itself. This was more prominent in unsupported cold roof applications where there was a natural environment for moisture, meaning a membrane accompanied by additional mechanical ventilation particularly at ridge level was recommended, we believe we have a solution without the need for additional ventilation.

The NEW Vent 3 Air breather membrane will tick all the boxes for specifiers, distributors and contractors alike.

The membrane has excellent air permeability, vapour resistance and water tightness properties. We will be heading off in to the market with this product before the new year, look out for the Orange membrane – The Vent 3 Air.

VENT3® AIR – 165gsm
The use of VENT3® AIR roofing membranes can
lead to several benefits, including improved energy efficiency, reduced risk of moisture-related issues, increased roof lifespan, and enhanced indoor comfort.

Size:            Colour:       Pallet Qty:         Prod.Codes:
1x50m        Orange                56                TV3/50AIR

Key features

Available in 1m width rolls
UV and water resistant
Excellent hydrophobic qualities
Exceeds BS EN 12114 and conforms to NHBC guidance to air permiable breather membranes
No vapour control layer needed
Eliminates the need for additional ventilation
For use under tiles and slates as a pitched roof underlay
Compliant for use in zones 1-3 on a 345mm battened lap – without the need for taping.