Joint Backer Rod

Closed cell polyurethane backer rod for use as a backer in expansion joint sealing to avoid three sided adhesion.

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Reduces sealant usage
  • Flexible
  • Improved sealant performance by giving the correct joint size.

The diagram below shows how to reduce the depth of the joints using the joint backer rod which is available in a wide range of sizes.


Technical Datasheet
Cromar AlphaChem Joint Backer Rod
Colour Size Product Code Box Qty
Grey 6mm x 2500m X1BACK6 1
Grey 10mm x 1150m X1BACK10 1
Grey 13mm x 750m X1BACK13 1
Grey 15mm x 550m X1BACK15 1
Grey 20mm x 350m X1BACK20 1
Grey 25mm x 200m X1BACK25 1
Grey 30mm x 160m X1BACK30 1
Grey 40mm x 270m X1BACK40 1
Grey 50mm x 180m X1BACK50 1
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