Wood Treatment

Cromar Wood Treatment is a solvent based decorative wood treatment ideal for use on fascias, fences and sheds.

Wood Treatment is for use externally and penetrates easily into the wood, thereby reaching the inner layers. The pigmented product protects wood to a certain extent against the damaging effects of UV light and enhances its water repellency. After drying the product is odourless.  Cromar Wood Treatment also accentuates the natural grain and texture of the wood.

Available in a wide variety of popular colours.



Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
WOOD TREATMENT  Wood Treatment
Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode
Clear 1ltr LWC/101 10 5036684005906
Clear 2.5ltr LWC/251F 6 5036684005913
Clear 5ltr LWC/501F 4 5036684005920
Clear 25ltr LWC/601 1 5036684005937
Dark Brown 1ltr LWD/101 10 5036684004602
Dark Brown 2.5ltr LWD/251F 6 5036684004619
Dark Brown 5ltr LWD/501F 4 5036684000376
Dark Brown 25ltr LWD/601 1 5036684004633
Light Brown 1ltr LWL/101 10 5036684004640
Light Brown 2.5ltr LWL/251F 6 5036684004657
Light Brown 5ltr LWL/501F 4 5036684004664
Light Brown 25ltr LWL/601 1 5036684004671
Green 1ltr LWG/101 10 5036684004725
Green 2.5ltr LWG/251F 6 5036684004732
Green 5ltr LWG/501F 4 5036684000468
Green 25ltr LWG/601 1 5036684004756
Red Cedar 1ltr LWR/101 10 5036684004688
Red Cedar 2.5ltr LWR/251F 6 5036684004695
Red Cedar 5ltr LWR/501F 4 5036684004701
Red Cedar 25ltr LWR/601 1 5036684004718
Rich Mahogany 1ltr LWRM/101 10 5036684004763
Rich Mahogany 2.5ltr LWRM/251F 6 5036684004770
Rich Mahogany 5ltr LWRM/501F 4 5036684005883
Rich Mahogany 25ltr LWRM/601 1 5036684005890
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