Quick Self Storage need a quick sealing

Our Regional Sales Manager Gareth Kitchen has a strong working relationship with merchant Beesley and Fildes recommended the supply of our Hydrosil Professional Acrylic Roof Coating. Working alongside Ryan O’Connor the Roofing Manager at Beesley and Fildes have supplied approximately 2000sqm of the Hydrosil Silicone Roof Coating.

The Hydrosil Waterproof Roof Coating is a liquid applied silicone roof coating with excellent UV resistance, fast curing and watertight. With the product being foot trafficable within 24 hours it gave Keda Construction the flexibility to continue works to a timescale.

Dave from Keda Construction says “Following discussions with our supplier and initial survey we decided to use a Cromar product, HydroSil Pro Grade.

Following the clear instructions about conditions and use the contract was started, due to times of inclement weather there where interruptions in the application, however the product once mixed correctly went on surprisingly well, we had a few reservations after using similar applied systems but this product exceeded all our expectations in the ease of use and the amount of coverage that was achieved during the working day to the point even though we had breaks due to weather the project was finished well within the time allowed.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product and intend to make use of it on future projects”.

Ryan O’Connor Roofing Manager at Beesley and Fildes say “Dave came to me with a big project and was advised to use hydrosil by myself as it is an outstanding product with a 10-year guarantee. Then I contacted our amazing rep Gareth and got an order under way for 90 tins – which Cromar then delivered us this order within a matter of days, nice and fast which was brilliant service, which made our customer very happy”

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