LEADAX is the first lead substitute in the world that looks like lead, dresses like lead & is as malleable & pliable as lead. Leadax has the same unique properties as Lead & Zinc, without having to compromise on quality, flexibility or price. Leadax is applied in exactly the same way as Lead & is equivalent to code 5.

Our stand-alone site for Leadax can be viewed here: https://leadax.co.uk/

  • Quick and easy
  • 6m roll lengths
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • No scrap value
  • BBA Certified
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • -15°C to +100°C
  • Durable
  • Circular material

To view videos on Leadax on the Cromar YouTube Channel, click here.

Leadax Roller

Mould Leadax around roof tiles or difficult metals.

Leadax Scissors

Cut Leadax to size quickly and easily

Lead Fixing Clips

For use with above-ground masonry Leadax fixing clips allow you to attach Leadax into masonry joints quickly and easily

Leadax Fixing Sealant

All purpose adhesive for fixing Leadax to the base material or for overlapping




Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Leadax Sealant Safety datasheet ENG HR

Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode Image
Grey 150mm / 6 inch – ROLL KLD/150 8719558741618
Grey 200mm / 8 inch – ROLL KLD/200 8719558741625
Grey 250mm / 10 inch – ROLL KLD/250 8719558741687
Grey 300mm / 12 inch – ROLL KLD/300 8719558741700
Grey 400mm / 16 inch – ROLL KLD/400 8719558741649
Grey 450mm / 18 inch – ROLL KLD/450 8719558741694
Grey 600mm / 24 inch – ROLL KLD/600 8719558741663
Grey 1000mm – ROLL KLD/1000 8719558741601
Leadax Roller KLAD/ROLLER 8719558740321
Leadax Penny Roller KLAD/PENNYROLL
Leadax Scissors KLAD/SCISSORS 8719558740307
Lead Fixing Clip (50 per bag) KLD/CLIP50 5036684008785
Grey Leadax Fixing Sealant M/LEADAX 12 8719558740109