Revitalise Your Roof, Cromar Flexiglass System, launched in 2018, has fast become a popular product within the Cromar range as the solution for revitalising an existing roof.

The Flexiglass system was in development for a number of years, with the Cromar team working to resolve the time-consuming issue faced by many roofers of having to strip back roofs before applying a liquid system. This new styrene free system can be applied onto roofing felt, asphalt, single ply membranes, metals and existing liquid applied systems – saving time and money.

Flexiglass also comes with a multitude of benefits including being UV stable, storm proof, frost proof, impact resistant and foot trafficable. In addition, the Flexiglass resin is manufactured using recycled plastics, a great benefit to the environment.

This innovative flexible, multi surface GRP resin system is the hard wearing and rapid curing solution that roofers and builders have been waiting for. It also comes with a 10 or 20 year warranty when applied by a fully trained and approved contractor.