Arcoflex – Cromatorch Torch On Felt

Cromatorch Idroprol is a traditional bitumen torch on felt.

Quick to apply in both wet and dry conditions.

For application to concrete, timber and metal deck flat roofs, and can be used as the covering for garages, sheds and flat roof extensions.


Technical Data Sheet

Cromatorch Arcoflex SBS               Cromatorch Arcoflex SBS Underlay

Description Size Product Code Pallet Qty Barcode
Arcoflex SBS Underlay Sand 2kg 16m x 1m = 32Kg ECAUSBS/2 30
Perforated Torch On Underlay 800gsm 30m x 1m = 24Kg ECAGP/800 30
Arcoflex SBS Cap Sheet Black / Charcoal 4.5kg 8m x 1m = 36Kg ECABC/4.5 25
Arcoflex SBS Cap Sheet Brown 4.5kg 8m x 1m = 36Kg ECABR/4.5 25
Arcoflex SBS Cap Sheet Grey / Green 4.5KG 8m x 1m = 36Kg ECAGG/4.5 25
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