Acoustic Intumescent Sealant

A high quality, one part, flexible 5 hour fire rated sealant used to maintain fire performance in walls, floors and penetration seals. It also has excellent sound reduction properties and upholds air tightness of buildings.

Ideal for:
• Sealing and filling openings and joints to maintain fire resistance of walls, floor and structures.
• Sealing low movement construction joints and service penetrations.
• Reducing acoustic transfer between building compartments.
• Maintaining the air tightness of building compartments.
• Internal use only in gaps up to 50mm, application temperature up to +40°C.


• Tested in accordance with EN1366-4: 2009 Fire Resistance.
• Tested in accordance with EN1366 -3:2009 Fire Resistance.
• Classification to EN13501-2.
• ULEU & ULUS Listed.
• Tested in accordance with BS476 pt 20&22 Fire Resistance.
• Tested in accordance with EN1026 Air Tightness.
• Tested in accordance with EN10140-2 Sound Reduction.
• CE Marked.

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Colour Size Product Code Box Qty Barcode
White 295ml X1INTUWE3 12 5036684020459
White 900ml X1INTUWE900 12 5036684020473
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